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Community Outreach & Events

Continual outreach and education regarding tribal laws falls under the responsibility of the Legislative Committee. The Committee fulfills this duty through training presentations, community events, printed pamphlets and other handouts/displays, and through digital media. Below is a list of some of the ways we are reaching out to the tribal community:

The Legislative Committee members will provide the next Sovereignty Training for all Tribal Members. Faith Morreo, Ester Duro, and Shyanne Kintano will focus on a presentation about the Indian Civil Rights Act (ICRA) and how it impact the Torres Martinez Tribe and its members.

Legislative Committee members Alex Tortes, Beverlyann Cedeno, Shyanne Kintano, Columba Quintero, and Cindy Pierce attended the American Indian Justice Conference in Palm Springs. The conference was sponsored by the the Bureau of Justice Assistance, focusing on five multi-disciplinary tracks: alcohol and substance abuse, tribal justice strategic planning, tribal courts, tribal security and probation, and tribal youth.

Members of the Legislative Committee collaborated with the Tribal Court Committee for a presentation open to all Tribal Members. Members from both Committees provided updates on the work each is doing for the Tribe, and covered various topics. Tribal Members who attended were able to ask many questions and offer suggestions as we move forward.