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The Legislative Committee reviews all requests for new ordinances, fully adhering to the Tribe’s Constitution. The Committee properly vets and prepares proposed ordinances for presentation to Tribal Membership. Continual outreach and education regarding tribal laws falls under the responsibility of the Legislative Committee. The Committee fulfills this duty through training presentations, community events, printed pamphlets and other handouts/displays, and through digital media.



The Legislative  Committee serves to promote and provide structure to the legislative branch of the Torres-Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians’ sovereign government in accordance with the Tribes’ Constitution.

The Committee works diligently to:


•  Adopt ordinances and keep a relationship with our Amna’a (Creator) and Ancestors; to maintain our language, culture, customs and traditions; to protect our people, lands and resources; to administer justice; and to promote equality, freedom, self-sufficiency and quality of life; and otherwise to safeguard and promote the peace, safety, morals and general welfare of the Tribe.

  Assure that the Torres-Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians Tribal Legislative Committee serves the best interest of the Tribe.

  Create a structure and process for the development of the Tribe’s legislative and judicial branch of government, in accordance with and as outlined in the Tribe’s Constitution.

  Inform and educate the members of the Tribe and its community about tribal laws and all information and resources pertaining to these laws.



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  • 1. Who approves/enacts Torres-Martinez's laws?

    A:Torres-Martinez Tribal Members who are eligible to vote are the only ones who can decide (vote on) what laws/ordinances will be enacted.

  • 2. How are the Tribe's laws enacted?

    A:The Tribe's Constitution clearly outlines how tribal law may be enacted.


  • 3. Who do the Tribe's laws apply to?

    A:The laws of the Tribe apply to Tribal Members and all who reside on or visit the Tribe (while on tribal lands). All tribal laws of Torres-Martinez are civil laws. The Tribe does not currently enforce any criminal penalties.

  • 4. Can I join the Legislative Committee?



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Alex Tortes